How to get stronger in life

Although I’ve written a lot about the body, a lot of the principles in building physical strength also applies to other areas. In the same way that you can strengthen your arms and legs, you can also improve your ability to make decisions, to endure change, or even to find (and stick to) your life’s purpose and direction. If you apply these principles to the other parts of your life, you will have a stronger life. Besides, maintenance is boring. I want to get stronger. To get better!

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[Health] Boosting your energy level

Do you often feel lazy and sluggish, while other people seem to have so much energy? As a follow-up to my previous post, I’d like to share a podcast by Michael Hyatt about how to boost your energy level. It’s a great listen, as he discusses not just your physical energy, but also your mental and emotional energy to run after your goals, as well as to be excellent in the day-to-day issues of life.

[Podcast] 10 ways to boost your energy level

He also has a blog post on the same topic: 10 ways to boost your energy level

I love reading his posts and listening to his podcast. He’s also one of the big factors why I finally stopped procrastinating about starting a blog. I find his posts very enriching. I hope you do too. 🙂

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