A simple procrastination hack that helps me get more sleep and stay productive

Insomnia episode: It’s late at night. My wife is asleep. My two daughters are too. I’m the only one awake and … I’m so excited because I can finally get some work done! My mind is bursting with things that I could do. Read a book, write a blog post, learn something new (in this case […]

3 simple things that will refresh a boring life

Have you ever been impatient with your life, waiting and waiting for the next exciting thing to happen? Have you ever felt like you’re stuck? In a situation or a routine that you can’t get out of?  It’s not very comfortable. What’s worse is we feel like there’s just nothing we can do about it. […]

The most efficient workout if you have no time

As promised in my last post about losing fat, here’s my post about exercise. So…You’ve decided you want to get back into shape? Good job! Unfortunately you, like everyone else, is strained for time. Let me describe an average day: Wake up early in the morning late. Get ready Rush to work. Travel time to work is 1-1.5 […]

Are you well rested?

Have you ever come home from a vacation still feeling tired, as if you needed to take a vacation from your vacation? Or how about the feeling that its sunday night and you still don’t feel rested… like you’re not yet ready for the week. Maybe you don’t know how to rest. True rest, doesn’t […]

How to get stronger in life

Although I’ve written a lot about the body, a lot of the principles in building physical strength also applies to other areas. In the same way that you can strengthen your arms and legs, you can also improve your ability to make decisions, to endure change, or even to find (and stick to) your life’s […]

Finding Balance Step Zero: The Heart Inventory

An essential tool to learning the art of having a balanced life is to know what are the things that need to be balanced. What are the things that you really want out of life? Personally, I’ve been able to categorize them into the following areas: 1. Personal Growth – This includes my Spiritual Experience […]

Is a “Balanced Life” really possible?

That would depend on what you’re trying to balance. A dictionary definition of balance is this: a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc. But what are we really trying to balance? What needs to be equally distributed? Is it time? No, I don’t think so. It’s impossible to be giving […]

Is ignorance really bliss?

Everyone has areas in their lives that suffer from neglect. There are things that we just really don’t have the time to address at the moment. But sometimes, we neglect some areas not because we don’t have the time. Sometimes, time is just the excuse, but we neglect them for a different reason. There are […]

Why is having balance so important?

Why is a balanced life so desirable? Is it so that we can say to everyone, “Hey, look! I have a balanced life!” I don’t think so… The purpose of balance is creativity. I want to have the important things in my life in order, so that I can live out what I was meant to […]