Why is having balance so important?

Why is a balanced life so desirable? Is it so that we can say to everyone, "Hey, look! I have a balanced life!" I don't think so... The purpose of balance is creativity. I want to have the important things in my life in order, so that I can live out what I was meant to [...]


[Creativity] Intro

Everyone's made to be creative. Everyone needs to find their flow. As an intro to my next post on creativity, I'd like to share 2 videos I've made recently. One was for a friend's wedding, and the other for another friend's art exhibit. Israel+Tin http://vimeo.com/42598778 Rodel Buban - In His Time http://vimeo.com/43324523 I'll say it [...]

[Health] Boosting your energy level

Do you often feel lazy and sluggish, while other people seem to have so much energy? As a follow-up to my previous post, I'd like to share a podcast by Michael Hyatt about how to boost your energy level. It's a great listen, as he discusses not just your physical energy, but also your mental [...]

Starting from zero: Body care basics

I think health and fitness is a good topic for a second post. Often times, when life gets busy say with work, marriage, children, financial concerns, or other things, our body care is the first to suffer. it's pretty ironic because if our body doesn't function well, we won't be able to do any of [...]