Why you can have millions in the bank and still be poor

ok. ok. I know what you're thinking. I could go ahead and preach about love and relationships and happiness, etc... But I won't. I just want to share a story. Every time I read it, my perspective is refreshed and my direction is challenged. Here it is: The story of the Fisherman and the Investment [...]


My resolution: Living out Loud

In connection to my previous post about new year's resolutions, I want to share mine: I'm going to live out loud. Being a writer-type / thinker-type / calculating-type of person, I usually spend what seems like an eternity processing my words before saying them. I want them to come out 'perfectly right'. This has got [...]

Why your New Year’s resolution could be doomed to failure

Every year, people all over the world make new year's resolutions. Some resolutions sound like this: I will get into better shape this year. I will read through the whole Bible this year. I will floss my teeth more often this year. I will spend more time with my family <insert yours here> Unfortunately, experience [...]

Starting Slow

Starting slow is better than doing nothing. Hi! Haven't been writing much since August. My attention has been focused on other things, such as fitness, my wife's pregnancy, etc... Now, I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. 🙂 No full blown article right now. Just a few quotes to lift our spirits [...]

How to get better at ANYTHING

  Just recently I've listened to a podcast by Michael Hyatt about 3 Strategies for taking your life to the next level. It's a great listen! I learned a lot. Basically, he outlined three ways to improve in something, ordered from the cheapest to most expensive. 1. Read - There's google, Wikipedia, blogs, ebooks, books. 2. [...]

Are you well rested?

Have you ever come home from a vacation still feeling tired, as if you needed to take a vacation from your vacation? Or how about the feeling that its sunday night and you still don't feel rested... like you're not yet ready for the week. Maybe you don't know how to rest. True rest, doesn't [...]

Floods in Manila. We’re safe, but others need help.

We're safe and dry... just a little stranded. Thankfully we were able to by food yesterday morning. The petrol delivery service was still able to bring us a new can of petrol for our stove yesterday too. So we're well stocked... just semi stranded. 🙂 God is good to us. 🙂 But there are a [...]

[Meaningful Words] Thinking, Doing and Knowing

One of the things that I was really reminded of because of my fasting experience was the difference between Thinking and Knowing. Before I started the fast, the time when I did all the research about fasting, I literally couldn't wait to start. I was totally sold on the benefits that I would get out [...]

I’m gonna try some fasting

Last Sunday at church, the pastor talked about Spiritual Fasting. I knew I wanted to experience the spiritual benefits. But still, I've been eating 6x a day since March! I was unsure how it would fit into my workout / fitness regime. So I did some research about how other people do it. Here's what [...]