If you’re having an off day…

It’s fine. Don’t worry about it. Hakunah Matata.

At times I find I put too much pressure on myself. 

Mind you, some of these things are really true. Impending bills to pay, deadlines make it seem like you cannot afford to have even a moment of un-productivity. 

So an off day is really not what you want.

Take a deep breath. Exhale. It’s fine. Life will continue.

It is ok to fail at a few things, so that the most important things are taken care of. Missing a deadline for a few days could mean something bad will happen, but just how bad will it be? 

Emotional and Psychological stress will take it’s toll on you if you refuse to let go of these things. Some battles are worth losing, if it means your mind and heart will be in a better place.

I’m not saying miss every deadline, or continue to accumulate debt.

I’m saying choose your battles. Choose what you will fight, and choose what you will let go.

Count the cost, weigh the consequences, live with your decisions. You will have peace. Live to fight another day.


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