My resolution: Living out Loud

In connection to my previous post about new year’s resolutions, I want to share mine:

I’m going to live out loud.

Being a writer-type / thinker-type / calculating-type of person, I usually spend what seems like an eternity processing my words before saying them. I want them to come out ‘perfectly right’. This has got me so bad that I even “edit” mid-sentence. I sometimes end up not saying anything at all. Ask my wife. Sometimes she has no idea what I’m saying.

Now, I’m going to pray out loud.
I’m going to read out loud.
I’m going to think out loud.
I may even start talking to myself!

I got the idea driving home. I was trying to teach my 3-year old daughter to count. She had the weird symptom of skipping 15 – going straight to 16 after 14. Every time she did it, we would correct her by saying “no it’s fifteen. Not sixteen.” But she never got it.
In the car I had a new idea. I just started counting to 30. When I got to 30, I would just go back to 1 and start over again. Pretty soon she was counting with me, going through 15 correctly!

Best way to learn something is to speak.
Best way to memorize something is to speak it repeatedly.
Best way to engage in something is to speak.
Best way to communicate is to speak.

I’m gonna live out loud.



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