[Meaningful Words] Thinking, Doing and Knowing

One of the things that I was really reminded of because of my fasting experience was the difference between Thinking and Knowing.

Before I started the fast, the time when I did all the research about fasting, I literally couldn’t wait to start. I was totally sold on the benefits that I would get out of it. I was already even looking forward 2-3 weeks ahead, planning how I would work up to the 24 hour fast. I was so ahead of myself, I felt that I had already done the fast… Like I was already some kind of expert on fasting.

Fast forward to the next day, to around 6 hours into the fast… Like I said in the last post, I was already complaining to my wife how hungry I was. I felt as weak as a worm. No plans. no excitement. No nothing. I remember taking out the trash and thinking how much I wanted for this fast to be over. When I got into bed, I scribbled down some notes in my journal and instantly fell asleep, maybe from exhaustion.


The difference between Thinking and Knowing

My experience made me realize that I am quick to get ahead of myself at times… alright, most of the time. Why? Here’s why: When I just think something, it’s all theoretical. There is no practical experience. When it’s all theoretical, everything is simple. Everything is easy. It’s even worse when I try to tell others what I think. When it’s just head knowledge, it’s easy to sound like a know-it-all, maybe even borderline arrogant. (Yes this very much includes myself!)

It’s in the doing, that head knowledge becomes practical experience. It’s when I really do something, that I can say that I really know it. When you start to actually do something, then all the little ins and outs, all the dirty little details show themselves. It’s these details / difficulties that make an experience real and lasting.

A person speaking from real knowledge sounds very different from a theoretical point of view. It’s personal. There’s an air of humility, especially if there was some pain involved in the experience. There’s reverence. There’s wisdom.


Some things we overlook in this way:

  1. Wanting to be married vs. being married
  2. Wanting to fast vs. fasting
  3. Wanting to write vs. writing for a few months vs. writing for a few decades
  4. Wanting a business vs. running a business
  5. Knowing about God vs. Knowing God


My commitment

I don’t want to write on this blog with things that just come out of my head. I want to share my heart and life with you. If you have any questions for me, please leave a comment, or send me an email at mike@mikealbano.org.


Question for you: When was the last time you caught yourself being too “theoretical” ? What happened?


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