Although I’ve written a lot about the body, a lot of the principles in building physical strength also applies to other areas. In the same way that you can strengthen your arms and legs, you can also improve your ability to make decisions, to endure change, or even to find (and stick to) your life’s purpose and direction. If you apply these principles to the other parts of your life, you will have a stronger life. Besides, maintenance is boring. I want to get stronger. To get better!

The basic principles to developing your body

To Get Stronger by Building Muscle, you need to:

  • Challenge yourself – Push yourself to do a little more that what you did last time. In lifting weights, it would mean adding 5-10 pounds to the bar. In endurance, it would mean adding more reps, or running a longer distance. With every session, you push yourself a bit more.
  • Allow for rest and recovery – You should not over train. your body needs time to recover and rebuild your muscles.

To Trim your belly by Burning Fat you need to:

  • Eat right – Junk food and simple carbs will not help you lose fat. You need to eat slow burning carbs, protein and good fat to train your body to burn the fat.
  • Use what you eat – Ultimately, the bottom line for losing fat is having a daily (or weekly) calorie deficit. You need to use up more than you consume for your body to start using your fat stores.

The other aspects of your life

We are more than a body that’s 90% water

As human beings, we are actually 3 parts: our body, our soul and our spirit. Each part of us allows us to do different things.

Your body – Your body is your physical connection to the world. It allows you to run, speak, carry things, have children, and much more. Main aspects of bodily fitness are strength, speed, endurance and flexibility.

your soul – Your soul is your mind, will and emotions. It allows you to process facts and make decisions. It allows you to enjoy a book or movie. Here’s a list of things that your soul helps you do:

  • decision-making – some people are very slow to make decisions or quickly change their mind.
  • commitment and perseverance – some people start something good but quit too easily. They cannot handle discomfort.
  • adaptability – most people hate change. but some are able to handle it better than others.
  • intellect – some people are naturally smart and some are not. But analytical skills are developed like any other skills.

your spirit – your spirit is your connection to the supernatural. It’s where intuition and doubt operate. It is beyond logic and analysis. Here are some skills that your spirit gives you:

  • faith and hope – the ability to believe something even without seeing it.
  • wisdom – to just know what the right course of action is.
  • love and selflessness Love is more than just affection. It is to be able to forget yourself and put other people first.
  • courage – taking risks

Strengthening your Soul and Spirit

Challenge yourself to do a little bit more – Your soul can be developed just like any other muscle.

  • Do you want to make stronger commitments? Start easy, like committing to read at least 15 minutes a day, setting aside some money each week, or waking up at the first alarm. 😉
  • Do you want to stop being indecisive? Stop being a perfectionist. You can’t please everybody. The perfect situation where everything fits just isn’t there all the time. Make a decision and take a calculated risk.
  • Do you want to grow your faith? Start with what you can believe now. Personally, when I can’t find the faith to believe for miracles, I go back to what I’ll always believe: that God exists and He’s right here with me. I build on that.
  • Learn to Love? Do something special for someone, out of the blue, with no good reason but to appreciate that person.

Take time to rest and recover

It’s tiring to be “on” all the time. Take some time to process the new thing that you did. How did it feel? Be happy that you were able to do a new thing. Plan what you’ll do next.

Eat right

It’s important to feed your soul and spirit the right foods. Read books, stories, articles or blogs that will urge you to be creative and courageous. Meet with like minded people. Cut out the discouraging thoughts by changing your words. Speak out loud the things that encourage you. Personally, I read the bible everyday as I come in to the office.

Use what you eat

Application is important. If you don’t apply what you read, you don’t really learn it. It just becomes head knowledge without having any real beneficial effect on your life. It’s like spiritual fat. When you get an idea or insight, live it out as soon as you can.


It’s always this cycle of challenges and rest and recovery, coupled with good intake that allows us to grow, in body, soul and spirit.

The strength of your life depends on the strength of your heart and your resolve to follow it. Caring for your body is boring. What is exciting is getting stronger and being able to do things that you were not able to do before. What are you waiting for? Go out and just do it!

Question: How do you be intentional in your personal growth? Please leave a reply in the comments.


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