[Meaningful Words] Clean up

How does your room / home look like? If it’s anything like mine, it’s far from organized. Don’t get me wrong. We’re not slobs. We try to organize things. We clean up as often as we can. But somehow the mess just keeps on coming back. Mary Demuth shares in her blog:

We are a cluttered people, drowning in stuff, surrounded by advertising telling us more stuff makes us happy. Eventually, though, our garages reach capacity at the same rate our kitchen counters explode with paper. How can we dare to de-clutter? And what if we feel utterly overwhelmed with the task?

Want to have a less-cluttered home and life? Learn to be content with what you have by flinging, finding and fasting.

When I was in college, a (older) friend told me after seeing my room, “How you keep your room reflects on how you live your life.” For me, it means something like this: Maybe if I have the habit of leaving things lying around the house, I might also leave a lot of things unprocessed in my heart and thought life. Maybe it’s time to clear things up…

Here’s a link to her post: 3 Quick Ways to Declutter

Question for you: How do you declutter?


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