Everyone has areas in their lives that suffer from neglect. There are things that we just really don’t have the time to address at the moment. But sometimes, we neglect some areas not because we don’t have the time. Sometimes, time is just the excuse, but we neglect them for a different reason.

a woman looking away. talk to the hand!

There are some things that we choose to neglect, either consciously or unconsciously, because they are the areas where we are the weakest. These are the areas that always strike a nerve when they are brought up, and as a result, we respond in different ways. Some get upset. Some try to immediately change the topic. Some quickly respond with the time issue. Another response, which is my favorite because I am guilty of it myself, is ignore it and pretend I didn’t hear anything. :p

The fact is that every area of life is a gift. Every area of life is an important part of the puzzle that we live in. We are meant and capable of bringing joy, purpose, meaning and success out of every area of our lives.

I realized today that I have been ignoring for some time a certain area of my life. I have been thinking to just leave well enough alone. But as a result of my realization, I really thought and prayed about it, and came up with a new plan of action to enrich and bring more meaning and purpose to this area of my life. I wont give the details for now, but be assured, it will make a great post down the road. 🙂

Question: where do you need a new plan of action?
Please write your answers in the comments section. This would be a great help for me in writing new posts. I would like to know what you would like to read more about. Thanks.


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