Thoughts on Mountain Lion, IOS 6, MBP with Retina Display

I watched the Keynote of the WWDC. It’s pretty exciting stuff! IOS 6, Mountain Lion, Location based search all over the world, Maps, and so much more. Their tagline for IOS 6 is this: “It will take your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch in entirely new directions.”

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This phrase makes me think about direction. While it is true that with all these upgrades our devices will be able to do so much more, I don’t think it will make that big a difference in the direction our lives take. Ultimately our devices are just tools that help us do things. Having great tools will just make our work more efficient.

What really sets direction in our lives is vision. Someone who has a vision of the future will have a guide to base his decisions and an objective to focus his efforts and energy on. These are the dreamers, those who will eventually make a difference.

Someone who doesn’t is only looking for comfort and convenience. He wants to pass the time with the least pain and exerting minimum effort.

Going back to the original topic: If you have no vision for your life, your phone / laptop / tablet will change your life in that it will BE your life. You’ll spend all your time looking for new apps to enhance your device. Pretty soon, you’ll get to the world of convenience and efficiently pass through the path of least resistance.

It’s easy to get lost in the wonderful new features of all the technologies arising nowadays. But these new features should contribute to the outcome of our lives, and not be the focus. The devices should serve us, and not the vice versa. Apps should enhance our ability to live, and not just entertain us while our life passes us by. That’s the difference between merely existing and really living.

The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10

Question: How is your smartphone / tablet / laptop enhancing how you live your life? What are your favorite apps? please leave a comment.


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  1. My iPhone is now serving me as a writing platform for blogging, a map, a calendar, a fitness trainer, a (good) camera, a bible, a library of books, and a means of showing the photos and videos I create. I do have games, but they’re mostly to keep my daughter occupied.

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